Sponsorship Programs

If a sponsor would like to support a child, the sponsorship can begin at any time of their wish. The sponsor decides how much money per month they would like to contribute in order to support their child. Looking at the situation in Kenya and the needs of the child, we encourage the sponsors of specific children not to donate less than 25 Euro or 30 USD per month. But this does not mean that one cannot even donate one Euro for a child’s support. Sponsors give according to the availability, conviction and involvement.

Home Care International will send all the necessary information concerning the child to the sponsor. The sponsor is able to communicate with the child sponsored, through the organization. The organization informs the sponsor about current happenings and changes in the life of the child and the community that child comes from.
Every year, sponsors receive a report about the development and progress of their children. This as well includes information about school and whether the child is progressing well.

The support of a sponsor ascertains vital things for a child like clean water, basic medical care, clean and adequate food supply, a shelter. In addition, it helps to facilitate the education of the children so as to be able to break the vicious circle of poverty. Nevertheless, the organization tries to avoid a direct contact of the child and the sponsor in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding as well as worries or eventual demands for more financial help by the immediate family members to the child. However, the sponsor is of course according to his/her wish still allowed direct contact to the child. It gives hope to a child, to know that there is someone “out there” who cares.

Although each child is different in their own way, they all have one thing in common. It is the knowledge that 1000miles away there is someone willing to help and to support them have a better future.

Some of the Girls at the Rescue Center with matron