Board Members

Team Germany
• Dr. J. Karanja (Chairman) (2. f. left)
• Ch. Frank (Vice-Chairman/Treasurer) (9. f. left)
• Rev. L. Cosmas Ndeiy (Secretary)
• S. Gerhardt (Press/Website/Communications)
• H. Lohse (public relation) (5. f. left)
• G. Keller (Fundraising)
• A. Weiershδuser (Newsletter)
• and a lot of people in background

Team in Nakuru f. left

• G. Anderson (finance)
• Dr. J. Karanja. (Chairman HCI)
• M. Migwi (chief executive)
• L. Dentewo Lake Bogoria Spa Resort
• R. Nkomea (Suswa)
• V. Kimani (HCI Center)
• D.Letuati (Loita Hils)
• D. Mburu (trainee teacher)
• M. Mothoni (retired teacher)
• J. Kimani (HCI Center)
• N. Kimani (son of the home parents Center)
• J. Ng’ang‘a (Construction consultancy)
• R. Ng’ang‘a (Solai)

not in picture
• M. Njenga (Chairman)
• B. Ngie (Secretary)
• J. Ithoro (Korr)
• E. Njenga
• C. Mburu (lawyer)
• M. Kamau (kitchen)
• and a lot of People they help as in different places.